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Hi there! My name’s Liam and I’m a musician with a keen interest in found sounds and field recordings. I always carry a microphone with me to capture the sounds of the world; I love to incorporate natural sounds in my music. I’ve been writing music in various bands and as a solo artist for over 17 years. 


I compose for TV and advertisements. My clients include Universal Production Music, Ninja Tune Production Music and Audio Network. My music has been featured on primetime television shows and used for worldwide advertising campaigns (Papermate Pens, Goodfella’s Pizza). My compositions can be heard across all major television broadcasters (BBC1, BBC2, ITV, Channel 4, E4, Sky Sports One, National Geographic…) and radio stations (BBC Radio One, BBC Radio 6 & Smooth Radio). Have a listen to my solo works and collaborations


Take a look, have a listen and enjoy